Sunday, February 28, 2010

My new job!!!

So awhile ago I figured out that my old job at the Bone Marrow Transplant wasn't fitting in our life anymore so I decided to go out and find a new one.....and that I did. I have always known that I wanted my career to eventually end up in the Hospice realm but I don't think I am quite there yet so I found a job in the Home Health~Palliative Care at Evergreen Hospital. I am working 100% of the time from home or in patients home and I am loving it. Since I have never been great with authority, this jobs gives me the freedom to set my own schedule and on top of all of it.....NO MORE WEEKENDS OR CRAZY NIGHTSHIFTS!!!!! I have been working in this position for almost a month now and I can say I have no complaints!

Stay tuned for other life updates including becoming an Aunt and Uncle for the first time!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

795 damn its fine

Well..... lots of changes around the Friedrich household!! Hence the lack of blog updates.....sorry avid readers!! One of the biggest changes has been our change in living arrangements. We moved from our wonderful 1300 sq ft 2 bedroom place in Belltown to a very cozy 795 sq ft one bedroom house on Lake Union. Our reason for downsizing: we wanted to save money so we can buy our dream house. Our new house, although really tiny, is SOOO fun.

Reasons I love our new house:

1. Its brand new and PRETTY: although that's probably not #1 on Scott's list if you asked him
2. The amazing 500 sq ft deck out onto the lake
3. The very cozy home office for me to work out of for my new job: Ill expand on that in another post
4. How fun it is to enjoy this pretty house with my husband
5. Finally knowing for the first time in 2 years what it is like to sleep through the night and not wake up to "traffic" noises
6. How quiet the neighborhood is
7. LuLu, the 7 year old socialite who lives next door
8. Our view of the lake
9. Its a good trial run for home ownership
10. How perfect it fits our life right now!! ( Okay Maybe that was cheesy!!!)

So stay tuned and we will keep you more filled in our life......We promise (its the Lenten season after all!!)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Long over due......

It has come to our attention that we have not made an entry and kept you up to date in our life sooooo really quickly this is what's up

1. The holidays were fun filled and flew by

2. We found a new house to move into next week

3. I quit my job and got a new one

4. My parents are leaving for Australia in a couple weeks

5. We have a new member to add to our family!!!

We will expand more on the topics listed above but for now that is whats going on in our household.

Oh yeah.....and we are still eating our way through the top ten burger places and have more to blog about on that topic as well.

Happy January.....we suck at a blogging!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Awhile ago, Scott and I agreed to babysit one of my co-workers 3-month old boy Colin. Both Scott and I were really excited about this adventure but a little uncertain of what we might be getting ourselves into. Last Saturday night was the big date and let me tell you, it was totally not what we expected it to be! I was thinking the a 3-month old would surely be crying when the parents left (even though I know babies don't get separation anxiety until about 9 months) and be totally upset the entire time we babysat BUT it turned out to be just the opposite. Colin was a little cranky when we got there but as the parents were leaving we sat down with him to feed him dinner and no more than 5 minutes had past and he was sound asleep! He slept for 3 hours straight!!!! Scott and I basically took turns holding the little dude while we watched Christmas movies. When he woke up he just sorta looked at us like, "hello strange people, I would like my diaper changed and maybe something to drink!" We did just that and played with him on the floor for a little while and we even got him to smile at us. Colin is certainly a mellow baby and we appreciated it as we were first timers but something tells me our kids won't be that relaxed! Again for our visual readers, here is a pic of Scott and the little tyke!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas tree

It's Official: The Holidays are here and with that comes Christmas trees. Well, this isn't our first rodeo with getting a Christmas tree and keeping it alive. For those of you who don't know the story of our first Christmas tree let me catch you up to speed. In 2008, this being our first holiday season as a married couple, we were very enthusiastic about the whole decorating thing and couldn't wait to get our Christmas tree and begin our own traditions. We began the day by heading out to buy all the supplies one should need to decorate the tree with all our left over gift cards from the wedding. We found ourselves shopping a little north of Seattle and saw a Christmas tree lot and decided to pick one up as long as we were in the neighborhood knowing that it might be a little drive with a tree on the roof of our car. We picked out a tree but to our surprise there was no one in sight to help us get the tree on our car or help us at all for that matter so we made due with the situation and asked to borrow some twine from them and we figured we could get the tree on top the car by ourselves........well I'm here to tell you it is harder than it looks. We got the tree on top of the car but we forgot to open the car doors when we were tying the twine and stringing it through the windows. It makes it kinda hard to get in your car when its tied shut!! After we were able to secure the tree and get into our car, we headed out on the open road of I-5 to get home but as luck would have it, it was incredibly windy and we could hear the tree slipping off the car and since we were not confident in our homemade twine job we pulled over and went the back roads home....which takes a lot longer!! Once we got home, we got the tree in the stand and straightened out and we were ready to decorate but in all the hussle and bustle of this we totally forgot to have the bottom of the tree trimmed off so that it would stay alive longer but we thought "o-well" do you actually have to do that? Take it from the Friedrichs, YOU DO!! Not two weeks later our tree was so dead that when you touched it a whole branch of pine needles would fall off and be laying at your feet just staring you in the face saying, "you idiot you should have had me trimmed!" So with my parents coming in just a few short days, Scott and I wanted to make the perfect Christmas so we decided that we needed to get a new tree, but that was a chore all by itself. We decided after work one night we would set out on the journey again. By the time Scott was home, I had the tree undecorated so that all we had to do was drag out the old one, hop in the car, pick out a new one, and redecorate....sounds simple enough right? Well we got the old one out of our place but not without a graveyard of pine needles laying everywhere but we thought we would wait to clean them up until after we got the new tree in the we were off in search of a new tree. We found a tree lot close to our house, picked out a new tree and waited patiently while the sawwed off the trunk of the tree to make sure it would stay alive. While we were waiting, we noticed how unusually cold it was for Seattle and we had heard through the grapevine that it might snow, but we were too concentrated on getting a new tree to care. They loaded the tree on our car for us and we got it home and in the apartment with little mishaps. But there was still all those old pine needles needing to be cleaned up, so while Scott cooked us some dinner, I got out the vacuum cleaner and got to work. BUT you should know that those household items are not meant to suck up that many needles!! I broke our vacuum half way through the cleaning process and I finally broke down just as the vaccum started to smoke....but Scott helped out and we got the tree up and running again just was we went to bed around midnight. As we awoke the next morning, we slept in just a little too long and as we opened our curtains, the entire city of Seattle was covered in snow; which meant that both of us were going to late for work since Seattle seems to shut down when the city even mentions that was last year!

This year we new exactly what we needed and were all ready for the adventure. We got home from the east coast late last Saturday night but we woke up early on Sunday since we were still on east coast time. We decided to make the most of it and go get our tree. Well we headed to get some coffee and we passed a nursery that had a big sign for Christmas trees so we thought we would stop and see what they have. To our surprise, they had a ton of trees and very helpful staff. We picked our tree and they took it and cut the bottom off, put a stand on it and made sure it was straight, put a net around and loaded it to the top of our car and then they opened all the doors and professionally twined it to the roof of our car. We were home with a Christmas tree in a stand with little to no pine needles in less than an hour. We consider ourselves pretty much professionals now so here is what our tree looks like (sorta)..........Happy holidays!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Honorary Blog Post

Our good friend Stefanie, who's blog is here ,was really bored at work one dark and stormy Seattle night and dreamt up a story about a conversation we may have in the future. It's an amazing tale so we will share:

A random conversation Hanna & Scott might have about having a baby…

Hanna: Everyone's having a baby.

Scott: I know! We should have one too! Or seven!

Hanna: You wish!

Scott: It's always been a lifelong dream of mine to have seven kids. That way anytime you want you can put on a production of snow white & the seven dwarfs anytime you want! You KNOW that's my favorite Disney story. I'll even let you be snow white since you will be birthing all seven of the kids.

Hanna: Great. If I were to agree to having seven kids I'd be pregnant for 63 month, that's over 5 years of my life!

Scott: Well I wouldn't be against you having more than 1 at a time. You could be octomom 2.0! Only with seven babies instead of eight.

Hanna: Could you imagine what life would be like with seven infants screaming around the clock?

Scott: But we'd have good kids that don't cry.

Hanna: And how do you suppose we'd magically have seven perfect non-crying babies?

Scott: I don't know exactly how right now, but I'd have nine month to figure it out.

Hanna: Don't you think if it were that easy to have non-crying babies someone else would have already figured it out?

Scott: Maybe no one wanted non-crying babies before now. It is possible you know.

Hanna: How about we make a deal then. You figure out a way for you to bear seven non-crying babies at once and I'll agree to have seven kids.

Scott: You're on!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Family makes the heart grow fonder!!

This maybe a really short post but the things that Scott and I have learned in our short time away from work and spending all our time with friends and family is that :

~ We are extremely lucky!!
~ Flights across the country aren't that bad when you consider what is waiting for you at
baggage claim
~Your Parents cooking is ALWAYS better than your own
~ Nothing can compare to spending time with your siblings
~ Thanksgiving this year is a an epic one to be thankful for!!!
~ This is our second Thanksgiving married and they keep getting better!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!